Atlanta Denture Services

Rediscover Your Healthy and Radiant Smile

We offer a wide array of services that will restore and enhance your smile. When you come in for a free consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns and needs and work with you to determine the best solution for you.

Dentures are prosthetic implants designed to take the place of missing teeth and offer support for the lips and cheeks. Patients that have used our denture services have experienced a heightened ease in eating and speaking, as well as increased self-esteem and happiness. Dentures can also help ease joint or bite pain, caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth spaces.

Generally made from acrylic, our dentures are built to last and look natural. It is our goal for you to feel confident in your custom, individually fit dentures.

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Complete Dentures
Complete dentures, or full dentures, are designed to replace natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw. If the removal of natural teeth is required, gums need to heal before being fit for dentures. Because the gums tend to shrink, a fitting done before the healing process has ended could result in an improper fit. We pursue perfection with each patient, so plan for several visits over a few months for molds, x-rays and surgery.

Partial Dentures
If only one to several missing teeth need to be replaced, partial dentures will help restore your bright, beautiful smile. Partial dentures can also aid in the improvement of speech and consuming food. For added security, metal clasps can be used to fasten a partial denture to natural teeth.

Immediate Dentures
If you’re looking for something more immediate, our Atlanta dentist office has solutions for your needs. Immediate dentures allow for full use of teeth without waiting for your gums to heal. After your natural teeth have been removed, we’ll fit the dentures. We like to let each of our patients know that immediate dentures may need readjusting, because gums tend to fluctuate in size as they heal, especially within the first six months.

Upper Dentures
Upper dentures are a great solution for you needs if you only need replacement teeth on your upper jaw. One of the added benefits of these dentures is that they are generally easier to get accustomed to than a complete denture and they’re made in the same long-lasting fashion.

Over Dentures
An over denture does not require all of the teeth to be removed, but is similar to a complete denture as it fully covers the remaining natural teeth. Any natural teeth are employed to support the over denture. This option causes less shifting, thus making it easier for patients to eat. Please consider that these dentures are more costly and will require a longer process to craft them appropriately.

Implant Retained Dentures
When complete tooth loss has occurred, implant retained dentures are used to restore patient’s teeth in their upper or lower jaw. Supported by implants, this denture service provides incredible support and longevity. An implant retained denture can either be removable or fixed, allowing you to make the choice that best suits you. Removable dentures require less implants, sometimes using as few as two. Creating a fixed denture or fixed bridge requires more implants, but will almost be like having your own teeth.